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" Yellowstone Super Volcano.... Remnants Of A Celestial Impact "

Evidence So Compelling That I Hereby Claim The Right Of Discovery To

Name The Event.... The : "R.L. McGuire Jr. Yellowstone Impact"

Evidence that Yellowstone Super-Volcano is a remnant of a massive asteroid

impact with earth. Packed with some eye opening facts! The impact creating

a bore 30 to 62 miles in diameter, and the projectile penetrating over 310 miles

deep, and very possibly half way to the earths core! With documentation that

this is a impact crater and Yellowstone Super Volcano is still reeling from that

collision over 65 million years ago.


Was this the real KT boundary event? Is this evidence of a Shoemaker Levy

event here on earth? How big was the impact? Is there geological evidence for

a impact? Is there a smoking gun that points to a collision with earth? What would

happen if this were to happen again today, would mankind survive?  

All of these and more are examined in the book. Documentation that gives

compelling proof that Yellowstone Super-Volcano is a Celestial Impact Crater

That Is Still Reeling To This Day!

“The Deccan Traps cover 500,000 km2 / 200,000 square miles, but they may

have covered four times as much before erosion removed them from some

areas. They have a surviving volume of 1 million km3 / 240,000 cubic miles

and are over 2 km thick in places. The entire volcanic volume that erupted,

including the underwater lavas, was much larger. The Deccan eruptions began

suddenly at the K-T boundary. The peak eruptions may have lasted only about

one million years (± 50%), but that short time straddled the K-T boundary.

All over North America, the K-T boundary clay contains glass spherules, and

just above the clay is a thinner layer that contains iridium along with fragments

of shocked quartz. It is only a few millimeters thick, but in total it contains more

than a cubic kilometer of shocked quartz in North America alone. The zone of

shocked quartz extends west onto the Pacific Ocean floor, but shocked quartz

is rare in K-T boundary rocks elsewhere: some very tiny fragments occur in

European sites. All this evidence implies that the K-T impact occurred on or

near North America, with the iridium coming from the vaporized asteroid and

the shocked quartz coming from the continental rocks it hit.”

Yellowstone Super Volcano has had multiple eruptions dating back 15 million,

14 million, 12 million,11 million, 10 million, 4-6 million, and .6 to 2 million . And

have a line North East, in time, to the current Yellowstone "Bubble Eruption" point.  

Is the Chicxulub crater the real KT event? Or is there a link to a Shoemaker - Levy

type event here on earth? All of these and more are examined in the book, and

give compelling reasons that this was a...

Celestial Impact Crater That Is Still Reeling To This Day!

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     To all  the pioneers who have ever ask the question… Is there more? From Newton, Galileo, Christopher Columbus, Cortez, to Lewis & Clark, Daniel Boone, NASA, USGS, Geologists, Volcanologists. To all that have peered into the unknown and asked why these things? I hereby acknowledge that I would not have made this discovery if it was not for them. For it is their accomplishments and work that has made mine possible. All I have done is to take the work which they have produced and assembled the puzzle into the finished scene.

I started the book in April 2007 5 yrs. It has taken this long, gathering the data, interviews with some of the top scientists in the various fields.... volcanology, the leading NASA specialist on crater impact dynamics, the lead scientist from Yellowstone, USGS Geologists, various PhD's in the field. It is like a puzzle that is right in front of us...but needed the pieces to be put together. There are some real eye opening surprises in the documentation. I submitted the work to U.S. Copyright Office and received my certificate of registration April 2009.... Two months later a scientific team made a major discovery, that is a smoking gun to my claim that Yellowstone Super Volcano is a celestial impact.

I have found that it was more difficult than I thought dealing with those in each field. Found them very protective of their view/field, reminiscent of the flat earth mentality that Christopher Columbus faced when he said the world was round. I asked one of the specialists why it was so hard to put out the data, and just have a look... His simple reply was... “funding”. Something that competes with their funding is a threat to them. Which really dismayed me for awhile. All this work, and I was never going to get heard. All because the scientific community was more worried about funding, than shedding light on a scientific find, or truth that was not theirs.

So stay tuned... And read the book! Evidence so compelling and powerful it will turn the scientific community on it's head!

Richard L. McGuire Jr.
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Book ISBN: 13-9781447447465

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Book is Laminated Soft Cover Library Quality 8.5" x 11" Full Color -Packed With Several Full Color Detailed Images Of The Impact Crater And Documented Evidence That This Is The Largest Impact Crater On Earth. Detailed Images Explaining How The Asteroid Impact Is The Cause Of The Ongoing Eruptions At Yellowstone Today .

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